Aeron Back Support Options

Aeron with PostureFit
Note: PostureFit is not an option on the visitor chair
When you sit upright and forward at a computer, there's a void between the base of the backrest and your lower back. When this area is unsupported, your hips tend to rotate back and your spine loses its healthful S-shape. When you sit this way for an extended period of time, you tend to slouch and your spine loses its natural alignment. The results of slouching? Fidgeting, fatigue and general discomfort, quite often followed by lower back pain, tight shoulder and neck muscles, and headaches. PostureFit® addresses this root cause of poor posture by filling the void and supporting your lower spine.
Aeron chair with PostureFit Closeup of Aeron chair with PostureFit
Aeron with Lumbar Support
In the upright seated position, the spine has to support much of the weight of the upper half of the body, placing considerable pressure on the intervertebral disks. As a person reclines, the Aeron chair's wide, contoured backrest and broad, adjustable armrests are designed to take on a significant percentage of upper body weight and relieve the load on the spine.
Aeron chair with Lumbar Support Closeup of Aeron chair with Lumbar Support

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