Environmentally sensitive design

Environmentally, it ought to be benign. It should be sparing of natural resources, durable and repairable, designed for disassembly.

The Aeron chair is 94% recyclable and easily disassembled for recycling

The Aeron chair was designed with great sensitivity to its impact on the interior environment in which it will be placed and the broader environment that provides the resources for its manufacture.

Although it reveals its aesthetic heritage in lyrical shapes reminiscent of George Nelson designs, organic forms that recall the work of Charles Eames, and a spare, athletic aspect that brings to mind its designers' Equa chair, the Aeron chair finally looks only like itself. Its unique form expresses its purpose and use and the material composition of its parts and the way they connect. The slightly transparent and reflective nature of its surfaces gives it an airy quality. It becomes a part of the person who uses it and the environment that surrounds it.

Made largely of recycled materials, the Aeron chair is designed to last a long time, so there's less need to replace. It uses recycled aluminium and polymers and around 94% of the chair is recyclable. Parts are clearly designated (metallic/non-metallic) and the parts that get the most wear are easily replaced and recycled. It consumes less energy in manufacture than foam and fabric seating.

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