Health-positive design

Ergonomically, it ought to do more than just sit there. It should actively intercede for the health of the person who sits in it longer than she should.

Although the science of ergonomics has traditionally taken a 'do-no-harm' position regarding the work environment, some ergonomists and product designers now advocate a more proactive approach - one that takes its cue from preventive health care. Health-positive ergonomic design anticipates and compensates for human error.

When it comes to using an office chair, the most common error is simply using it for too long. Made for movement, the human body suffers in the static postures associated with mental work. To compensate for worst-case situations that keep a person seated at a keyboard for more than two hours at a stretch, the Aeron chair's designers built in health-positive features that help to keep the body healthy and comfortable in work-intensive postures.

The Pellicle conforms naturally to your contours

Pressure distribution: when people sit for long periods, any external pressure on the skin and other tissues can impede blood flow and the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to body systems. The Aeron chair's unique Pellicle suspension helps to eliminate uncomfortable, circulation-restricting pressure points by properly distributing weight across the seat and backrest. Made of a technologically advanced material engineered to create a 'topographically neutral' surface, the resilient Pellicle seat and backrest conform to each person who sits in the chair, without the hammock-like effect typically associated with sling-type seats.

In the upright seated position, the spine has to support much of the weight of the upper half of the body, placing considerable pressure on the intervertebral disks. As a person reclines, the Aeron chair's wide, contoured backrest and broad, adjustable armrests are designed to take on a significant percentage of upper body weight and relieve the load on the spine.

The Pellicle suspension helps to centre weight over the sitting bones and distribute pressure away from the spine and the backs of the thighs, where it can lead to physical problems and discomfort.

Aeration: another hazard of prolonged sitting is heat and humidity build-up due to the insulating properties of foam-and-fabric chair cushions. The Aeron chair's highly permeable Pellicle material allows air, body heat and water vapour to pass through the seat and backrest to help maintain even and comfortable skin temperatures and prevent moisture build-up on the skin's surface.

The Kinemat tilt lets the body pivot at the ankles, knees and hips so you can change posture with ease

Natural movement: staying in one position reduces the natural pumping action of the muscles that delivers nutrients to the intervertebral disks. The Aeron chair's Kinemat tilt allows it to move with the body in such a natural way that people can shift from forward to reclining postures without thinking about it, transferring weight to the backrest as they do. The backrest and armrests maintain the same relationship throughout the range of movement, to offer full support in upright or reclined positions. The chair provides support in a range of forward-facing positions, so the user can make significant changes in posture without interrupting concentration.

The Kinemat tilt echoes the body's pivot points (ankle, knee, hip), so the Aeron chair moves easily naturally, shifting weight from the seat to the backrest.

PostureFit addresses the root cause of poor posture by supporting your lower spine

PostureFit: represents a major ergonomic breakthrough in seating that delivers custom-fitted support where it's needed most: in the lower back area below the beltline, where the spine meets the pelvis. Available now as an option on the Aeron chair, PostureFit is the next-generation, research-driven ergonomic solution that supports a healthy posture and significantly improves lower back comfort in a work chair.

For information about how to adjust your Aeron chair, please see the Aeron User Information (pdf format).

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