Aeron Pellicle Colour Chart

Use the swatches below to help choose your colour, but note that the accuracy of colour reproduction is restricted by the medium. If it is very important to colour match your chair, please contact PRB free on 07792 720145 to arrange to see the swatch file.

Classic for Graphite frame
Classic 3D01 Carbon Classic 3D02 Lead Classic 3D03 Nickel Classic 3D15 Platinum
3D01 Carbon 3D02 Lead 3D03 Nickel 3D15 Platinum
Classic for Smoke frame
Classic 3V01 Zinc Classic 3V03 Quartz  
3V01 Zinc 3V03 Quartz  
Tuxedo for Graphite frame Tuxedo for Smoke frame
Tuxedo 4M01 Grey Black Tuxedo 4M02 Blue Black Tuxedo 4Q01 White gold
4M01 Grey Black 4M02 Blue Black 4Q01 White gold
Waves for Graphite frameWaves for Smoke frame
Waves 4E01 Carbon Waves 4E03 Platinum Waves 4F01 Zinc Waves 4F03 Quartz
4E01 Carbon 4E03 Platinum 4F01 Zinc 4F03 Quartz

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