Herman Miller Celle chair

Celle Seat and Back Options and Colour Chart

The Celle chair has a Cellular Suspension seat and back. The chair's back can be specified with smooth upholstery in Latitude fabric, which is attached with fasteners and has light grey padding underneath the fabric. The applied fabric still allows flexible support and airflow. It can also have an upholstered seat cushion: the cushion can be upholstered in Latitude fabric when combined with an upholstered back in Latitude, or upholstered with a range of other fabric when combined with a cellular back.

Use the swatches below to help choose your colour, but note that the accuracy of colour reproduction is restricted by the medium. If it is very important to colour match your chair, please contact PRB free on 07792 720145 to arrange to see the swatch file.

Cellular seat and back colour options
Back and Seat G1 Graphite Back and Seat DM Champagne Back and Seat 3G Brownstone Back and Seat XG Cabernet Back and Seat 91 White Back and Seat ZN Blue fog
G1 Graphite DM Champagne 3G Brownstone XG Cabernet 91 White ZN Blue fog
Latitude back and seat cushion upholstery colour options*
Latitude 8M01 Graphite Latitude 8M02 Shadow Latitude 8M18 Brownstone Latitude 8M20 Cabernet Latitude 8M10 Alpine Latitude 8M05 Blue fog
8M01 Graphite 8M02 Shadow 8M18 Brownstone 8M20 Cabernet 8M10 Alpine 8M05 Blue fog
Phoenix seat cushion upholstery colour options*
Phoenix 7O046 Sombrero Phoenix 7O107 Sandstorm Phoenix 7O081 Blizzard Phoenix 7O030 Tobago Phoenix 7O108 Apple Phoenix 7O026 Costa
7O046 Sombrero 7O107 Sandstorm 7O081 Blizzard 7O030 Tobago 7O108 Apple 7O026 Costa
Xtreme Plus seat cushion upholstery colour options*
Xtreme Plus 9B49 Padang Xtreme Plus 9B32 Slip Xtreme Plus 9B47 Krabi Xtreme Plus 9B11 Tobago Xtreme Plus 9B58 Adobo Xtreme Plus 9B27 Twister
9B49 Padang 9B32 Slip 9B47 Krabi 9B11 Tobago 9B58 Adobo 9B27 Twister
Rhythm seat cushion upholstery colour options*
Rhythm 3014 Black Rhythm 3010 Molasses Rhythm 3013 Mink Rhythm 3011 Mulberry Rhythm 3002 Green apple Rhythm 3007 Twilight
3014 Black 3010 Molasses 3013 Mink 3011 Mulberry 3002 Green apple 3007 Twilight
Unity seat cushion upholstery colour options*
Unity 1D11 Graphite Unity 1D02 Limestone Unity 1D01 Pewter Unity 1D04 Berry Unity 1D12 Chalk Unity 1D08 Denim
1D11 Graphite 1D02 Limestone 1D01 Pewter 1D04 Berry 1D12 Chalk 1D08 Denim

* For the full range of fabric colours, please contact PRB Office Interiors.

Celle and Herman Miller are registered trademarks of Herman Miller, Inc. Rhythm and Latitude are trademarks of Herman Miller, Inc.