Herman Miller Celle chair

Innovative Cellular Suspension

Cellular Suspension

Cell weave

Cellular Suspension is a new concept in seating surfaces. It is made from a durable, pliable, easy-to-maintain moulded polymer. It provides several levels of support to the sitter's body, day-long comfort and a distinct aesthetic that differentiates it from all other work chairs.

There are different flex regions in the seat and back created by varying the depth of the loops throughout the surfaces. The back's four flex regions support the different needs of the low, mid, upper back and lumbar regions.

The seat is comprised of 792 "cells" connected by loops, while the back features 786 cells.

Each cell is connected by six loops - the deeper the loop, the greater the flex. This ergonomic seat and back support provides aeration and a unique aesthetic.

Cellular back: Celle's back is ergonomically engineered to have varying levels of flex in each region.

Celle back weave pattern High Flex Spine and upper back - low flex: Firm support; promotes good posture.
High Flex Thorax - high flex: Conforms to user's shape and adapts to movement.
High Flex Lumbar - medium flex: Naturally contoured for support.
High Flex Sacral - Passive PostureFit® for superior lower-back comfort when sitting upright or forward at computer; fills lower back cavity to prevent slouching.

Cellular seat: Like the back, different sections of the seat provide varying degrees of support.

  • The back portion of the seat supports the ischial tuberosities - sitting bones. It has the deepest loops with the most flexibility to distribute weight evenly over the seat.
  • The front portion of the seat is contoured and has shallower loops (less flex) to support the thighs without restricting circulation.
  • Pressure points are minimised for maximum comfort and healthful support.
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