Herman Miller Embody chair

Embody Chair - Diversity

Embody achieves an anthropometric fit for users within the 2nd to 98th percentile of the working population - through one single chair.

It uses a gas lift warranted to 136kg, that raises the sitter from a low position of 431mm to a maximum height of 558mm. The depth of the seat can easily be extended, whilst seated, from a minimum length of 381mm to a maximum of 457mm, to accommodate longer thigh lengths. Arms are adjustable vertically as well as laterally through a range of 165mm-292mm (height) and 304mm-533mm (width).

Embody Chair - One size fits all

The sitting experience is consistent regardless of user height or mass.

Herman Miller is a registered trademark of Herman Miller, Inc. Embody is a trademark of Herman Miller, Inc.