Mirra Tilt Options

Tilt limiter

The Mirra chair is available with three different options for the tilt mechanism:

  • Without Tilt Limiter (the chair is fixed)
  • With Tilt Limiter
  • With Tilt Limiter and Forward Tilt

The Tilt Limiter allows the user to tilt the chair into a reclining position and then lock to limit the recline. You can still move forward.

Forward seat angle

Normally, Forward Tilt position is used with increased chair height. This relaxes the bend of the waist, knees and ankles. To support the back, set the Tilt Limiter after assuming the forward position.

To sit in an upright position, set the Tilt Limiter when the seat is in a horizontal or forward position.

Without the Tilt Limiter the chair is static and fixed in an upright position.