Herman Miller SAYL chair

Eco-Dematerialised design

Designed to achieve the most strength with th eleast amount of material.In creating the SAYL chair, Herman Miller used fewer materials in inventive ways to make the chair attainable for more people. Fewer parts and less material ultimately mean less cost and a smaller carbon footprint.

The ArcSpan seat base, arm structure, and tilt mechanism undercarriage are fused into a single, strong part, reducing the chair's material content and its visual "weight". The Y-Tower structure is sculpted and hollowed out to achieve the most strength with the least amount of material. Produced in three continents to reduce transportation.

Controls are expressive and tactile. Just as important, they have been refined until only their essential forms remain.

Herman Miller produce SAYL chairs on three continents to reduce the distance between factory and buyer. SAYL chairs ship ready to assemble (no tools required) in half-size boxes that create less waste.

The SAYL chair's components are constructed from plastic, steel, foam, and textile. SAYL chairs contain no PVCs.

The SAYL Chair is up to 91% recyclable. Download the Environment Product Summary (PDF format).