Herman Miller Setu chair

Setu Chair - Dematerialization

The Setu chair weighs only 18 pounds.

Only what's needed. Not a molecule more.

Inspired by nature with its spiraling shape and contours, this unique single support spine was perfected by technology. Every bend, every corner and every line were painstakingly shaped, reshaped and reshaped again so that each molecule falls in the right order, in the right place. All in the name of less.

Setu is complexity made simple.

Never has a chair required more problem solving, given us more headaches and taken more time to perfect. But, we couldn't be more pleased with the result: Less.

More to the less story.

Thanks to Setu's spine, chair components are greatly minimized. In fact, Setu features few parts and weighs only 18 pounds. And less chair also means less time, cost and energy needed to build it.