Terms and Conditions

Payment Methods

Customers can pay for goods by printing the order form and mailing together with a cheque payable to PRB Office Interiors. Payment will be confirmed by e-mail. All item prices exclude VAT which will be added to the total at checkout time.


If an order placed is cancelled or returned and is not the fault of PRB Office Interiors, a cost of 4% of the total transaction will be incurred to cover banking costs. The customer will receive a refund on their total transaction once these cost are covered.

Delivery / Delays / Cancellation

Delivery date will be the one quoted by the Manufacturers at time of placing of the order. Once a delivery date has been confirmed any delays caused by the Client will be liable to incur storage charges, which will be at a rate per square foot prevailing at the time of goods brought into storage.

Where the Client requests a postponement of delivery of goods for any reason, there will be a handling and storage charge. PRB Office Interiors may waive this at its discretion if the delay is due to additional requirements by the Client on the existing order.

Where the Client decides to cancel the order either in writing or by their conduct and they do not collect or accept the goods within 30 days of such, implied or express, cancellation, PRB Office Interiors will reserve the right to dispose of the goods and claim from the Client full cost of the goods plus handling and storage charges.

Force Majeure

Where there is a delay due to Force Majeure conditions, PRB Office Interiors will not accept any liability due to this. However, it will do its best in providing alternative solutions as soon and as practicable as possible.

Discrepancies in Delivery

Where there is any discrepancy in the delivery of the goods, the Client shall notify PRB Office Interiors, in writing, within 5 working days from the date of delivery. PRB Office Interiors will endeavour to rectify this as soon as possible. However, the Client may retain money equivalent to the value of the goods in question and not the whole amount due at the time.

Where necessary, PRB Office Interiors will provide temporary furniture until such time when the discrepancy is rectified, at no further costs to the Client.

Faulty Goods

In the event of faulty or damaged goods, please inform us immediately by e-mail or telephone and state whether a replacement, credit or refund is required. Please do so within 14 days of receipt of goods. This does not affect your statutory rights. Our aim is to satisfy our customers.

Guarantees and Warranties

The Aeron, Embody, Mirra, Celle, Setu and SAYL chairs have a 12 year warranty in 24/7 use for frames and metal work. The Aeron Revive refurbished chairs have a 3 year warranty in 24/7 use and the Aeron Jacket Hanger also has a 3 year warranty.

Exceptions: Aeron Pellicle seat and back 5 years in all instances except Aeron Revive chairs, Mirra AireWeave seat mesh 5 years, Setu Lyris seat and back mesh 5 years. Other fabrics, vinyl and leathers have a 3 years warranty as have gas lifts.

Be aware that Lyris White suspension material and Balance white textile will show dirt and discolour from contact with darker clothing, including denim; cleaning may not be successful. They are not covered under Herman Miller warranty for discoloration.

The warranty period runs from the date of purchase and applies only to original purchasers who acquire their products new from Herman Miller, one of its subsidiaries or an authorised Herman Miller dealer.

During the applicable warranty period, Herman Miller will, as its sole obligation, repair or replace (at its option) any a product, part or component covered by this warranty and sold after the effective date of this warranty, which fails under normal use as a result of a defect in material or workmanship. Herman Miller will repair or replace the affected product, part or component with a comparable product, part or component.

A claim under this warranty must be made during the applicable warranty period and for a product, part or component to be eligible for coverage under this warranty it must have been installed, used and maintained according to Herman Miller's published instructions. Any modification of the original product voids the warranty and Herman Miller does not warranty the performance of the product when used in combination with anything other than original Herman Miller product.


Herman Miller's warranty does not cover:

  • defect or failure resulting from normal wear and tear;
  • consumable products such as light bulbs;
  • certain electronic products such as electronic fans or keyless locking mechanisms;
  • the matching of the colours, grains or textures of natural materials;
  • the colourfastness or the matching of colours of textiles, including an exact match to cuttings, swatch cards, or printed or electronic reproductions;
  • the purchaser's own fabrics (COM) or any other purchaser's supplied materials;
  • discolouration of Balance white textile due to soiling, stains, or dye transfer from clothing including denim.

In addition, the following features of natural materials are not considered defects and would not be dealt with under warranty:

  • changes in wood colour due to ageing or exposure to light;
  • natural variations in wood grain or figure or the presence of character marks;
  • marks, scars or wrinkles occurring in leather;
  • veins, marks, voids fissures or cracks found in stone.

Herman Miller does not warranty products that are exposed to extreme environmental conditions or that have been subject to improper storage.

Customer Services and Complaints Procedure

For customers who wish to check any aspect of our product or service please contact Patrick Boland by e-mail at enquiries@prbofficechairs.co.uk or telephone 07792 720145 Monday to Friday 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. We will endeavour to resolve any query or complaint speedily within 5 working days. Our aim is to effectively resolve any customer complaint.


We are committed to protecting your privacy and operate within the Data Protection Act 1998. We will only use the information that we collect about you lawfully (in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998). We collect information from you to process and confirm your order. We collect any information given at the time of ordering and when you fill in an enquiry form. We will not share any of the personal information with outside parties except to the extent necessary to complete your order.

The person responsible for privacy matters is Patrick Boland who can be contacted by e-mail at enquiries@prbofficechairs.co.uk.

Contact Details

PRB Office Interiors can be contacted at:
40 Winstanley Road, Saffron Walden, ESSEX CB11 3EQ
Tel 0207 993 4485   E-mail enquiries@prbofficechairs.co.uk